Sunrise Sunset
Art Tile
12" x 8"

  • Design Name "Sunrise-Sunset"; tile size 8" x 7-1/4", 5/8" thick.
  • Glaze Colors on Design Tile: Basic color is engobe brown on Cal Adobe Clay. Some of the glaze is buffed off showing the clay underneath. Next, glaze colors (green, red-brown, and white) have been hand painted on and a clear glossy glaze sprayed on as a topcoat.
  • Glaze on 1-3/4" small tiles (8 of them) is clear glossy glaze over Cal Adobe clay.
  • Size of Vignette: 12-1/4" x 8" including grout lines. The top of decorative tile is rounded, so we made top "corners" to "square up" the vignette.
  • Never been installed.
  • Mark:  The back of decorative tile is stamped.
  • Made in California. Made in the USA.
  • Only ships within the continental United States. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or the Territories.
  • Made by Handcraft Tile, a historic company that started in 1926.
  • "Made the old fashioned way -- by hand."
  • Questions? Call 620-215-4507.
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