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Handcraft Collection sells handmade tiles to enhance your home décor by incorporating decorative tiles in a fireplace, backsplash or accent wall. All tiles are in stock and ready to ship. You can combine art tiles or vignettes with “off the shelf” tile, or with our field tile, to achieve a Craftsman look in your home.

Handcraft Collection’s online store offers the following: Art Tiles, Vignettes, Field Tiles, Sale and Clearance, Vintage Tiles, and California Pottery.  

Most of the tiles in our collection were glazed in our studio. If you see a vignette or art tile that you like and want more tiles in that color, check the Field Tiles link for availability. To discuss your project, call 620-215-4507 or email shirley@handcraftcollection.com.

The decorative tiles on our collection are made by Handcraft Tile, a tile manufacturer that we owned for 16 years (see About Us). Handcraft Tile is under new ownership and continues to make made-to-order and custom tile. See handcrafttile.com.


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