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Founded in 1926, Handcraft Tile is the oldest tile manufacturing company on the West Coast. For over 90 years, we have produced custom-made and made-to-order tile for customers throughout the United States. We do not import any of our products. Our tile has always been, and is today, manufactured in the US. Handcraft Tile is known for the variability of its glaze colors and distinctive hand pressed relief tile designs.

Over the years, the market for tile has changed significantly. Most of today’s customers prefer sleek, clean, high-tech tile designs for their floors, walls and counter tops. For this reason, Handcraft Tile today specializes in handmade, Arts and Crafts tiles that complement the modern look. Our tile bridges the old and new. A fireplace surround, backsplash or accent wall made of Handcraft Tile introduces textures, shapes and colors that can add warmth and beauty to your home.


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