Glazes and Colors


Handcraft Tile glaze colors have variation – a range of color. The glaze color may vary from light, medium to dark. Variation is what distinguishes handmade tile and makes it special. The samples pictured here attempt to show the range of color to expect.

Each color has a distinctive finish that is inherent in the glaze: Gloss, Satin, or Matte. We cannot change the finish.

Colors viewed on a computer or printed from a website approximate the true color and variation of a glaze. They do not capture the depth and subtlety of the actual product. You must approve actual samples before ordering tile.



These glazes are multi-step glazes with many colors on each tile. They require more work to make and, therefore, have a higher price per square foot.


Klinker Magic (gloss)

Several colors merge to put the magic in these tiles. Dominant colors range from green to blue to brown. Occasionally, there will be some purple, black, bronze, coral, amber, or other color. There are no two tiles alike. When you use Klinker Magic Tiles, your installation is truly unique.

Deep Water Glaze (gloss)
These tiles have a watery look and an almost mirror finish. They are dark shades of blue, green, black/bronze, and brown. This look results from layering multiple glazes that blend as they fire to temperature. This glaze will give a unique and original look to your project.

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