Maple Leaf, 6 tiles
4" x 4" each

  • Decorative Art Tiles, 6 tiles in the set.
  • Name of design: Maple Leaf.
  • Glaze Color:  Green Engobe with a clear gloss topcoat.
  • Treatment: Handcraft Tile calls this treatment "buffed engobe". The color comes from a base of brown slip glaze (liquid clay with a colorant) with a green slip glaze over the base. After firing, some of the glaze is buffed off exposing the red clay color beneath. This gives the tile a vintage look the day it is made. For durability, a clear glossy glaze has been applied to the tile. 
  • Size: 4" x 4" each; some are 1/2" thick and some are 3/8" thick.
  • Approximate age: 20 years or more.
  • For more information about this tile, please call 620-215-4507
  • Made in California.
  • Only ships within the continental United States. No shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or territories. 
  • "Made the old fashioned way -- by hand."
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